Saturday, March 05, 2016

Snowshoing Sunshine

Well--we live in a place where snow is a prominent fixture of Winter.

Mom decided maybe we should take up snow shoeing.

We invited our neighbors to come along for the escapade.

I laid down in the snow to take pictures and got incredibly cold.

E. did great.  She is a snow shoeing pro.

Some sunshine on the tree and smiles.

Yes.  There was some posing.

Well--walking among big snow covered trees
is pretty cool.

Overall--lovely being outside in winter.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Christmasing (12/13)

When Christmas day arrived there were lovely packages under the tree.

We got up early and broke with the no presents until after breakfast rule and just
started opening...

The first gift I got was a camera...
which someday means I will just be taking pictures myself
and posting them in a timely manner.

E. had what I will call--a Polly Pocket Christmas...
where all of her Polly Pocket wishes came true.

We even let Daddy open up a few gifts.

Our friends arrived a little after the presents
for a Christmas brunch.

It was nice to get to share our Christmasing with those
new to the whole Christmasing world.

We then played with our presents while our parents did whatever it is
they do when kids are playing.

We got some pictures of us all together--proof Mommy really
was there with us.

I still know how to ruin an otherwise good photo...
But did you notice that beautiful scarf Mommy is sporting?

E. was sick--so Daddy and I left Mommy and E. at home while we
went to my Grandparents for more Christmasing fun.
(While I was gone there were some failed ussie attempts by Mommy.)

 E. still had one more Christmassing moment.

That finished our Christmassing activities...

One final note--although not very Christmassy 
and certainly not included in everyone's Christmassing....
In E.'s Polly Pocket dystopian world the cats survive and take over everything...
I am sure all the cat lovers are ecstatic.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Christmasing Continues

 All dressed up and ready to pose.

 I joined E. next to the tree.

 Mom finally gave up getting the perfect shot.

 Then it was time for cookie making.

 Ready to put them in the oven.

We cooked them and decorated them with our friends...
but alas no pictures.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Won't You Come a Christmasing

 In my world--Christmasing starts with a family photo.

You'll notice that one member of the family 
has to be shoeless in each photo.

 E. can pour on the charm.

 Daddy looks surprised that we are posing for pictures.

Daddy thinks he looks like Crazy Dan in this one...
 What do you think?

 My parents posed by themselves--I am not sure why they 
would want pictures without me with them.


 Then it was time to get the tree.

 It's time for E. and I to take over.

 All done and time for posing. 

 The next morning--I had to fix a few things.

 Some snow fell and we were all feeling very Christmassy indeed.

Well--maybe not E.
(I thought she only gave that look to Auntie L.)